Born on May 2, 2001, in Jakarta, Indonesia, Josephine Alexandra is a musician, composer, and content creator. Starting her musical journey at the age of four with the piano, she later picked up the guitar and drums at eleven.

Josephine began participating in music concerts and competitions at the age of eight, where she demonstrated her dedication and skill in music. At eleven, she discovered fingerstyle guitar and developed her skills through online self-teaching and digital exploration.

With a growing presence on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, Josephine’s music covers have gained popularity, attracting a dedicated fan base. Her YouTube channel boasts over 2 million subscribers, while her Instagram and TikTok accounts have amassed 500K and 1 million followers, respectively.

In addition to performing, Josephine takes on various roles such as arranging, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering her instrumental content for social media. She also transcribes her guitar and piano arrangements into tabs and sheet music, aiming to inspire aspiring musicians.

Her proficiency in multiple instruments allows her to produce unique fingerstyle guitar covers seamlessly integrating melody, bass lines, and percussion. Her talent has garnered recognition from industry figures such as Rockstar Games, HBO, Moonton, and acclaimed artist Charlie Puth.

At eighteen, Josephine hosted her first solo concert, showcasing her guitar and piano performances and connecting with the audience by breaking down her arrangements. Since then, she has performed at prestigious venues like The Merdeka Palace and the Virgin Voyages cruise, with her European tour in 2023 leaving a lasting impression on fans.

Diving into original music, Josephine released her debut single “False Alarm” in a fingerstyle guitar version, followed by a piano rendition. Endorsements from brands such as Yamaha Music, Taylor Guitars, Trumon Guitars, Enya Guitars, G7th Capo, Elixir Strings and D’Addario Strings further solidify her position in the music industry.

In addition to her musical achievements, Josephine draws inspiration from her hobbies, including gaming and film, infusing her artistic expression with diverse influences. Her covers of “Red Dead Redemption II” and “The Last of Us” have gained recognition from their creators, Rockstar Games and HBO, enhancing her reputation as a sought-after artist.

Josephine Alexandra’s YouTube channel has amassed over 200 million views, with popular covers like “Attention” and “Alone” receiving 25 million and 21 million views, respectively. Her musical journey reflects her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to her craft.